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Welcome to Power Sol India

We're a small community of bloggers in India who are passionate about spreading knowledge about how solar and alternative energy can power our future.

Changing To Solar And Wind Power To Save Cash And Our Planet

With regards to saving cash and our world simultaneously you will see that switching to solar power or wind power can accomplish both. In relation to saving cash you ought to realize that solar and wind power can actually eliminate your electricity bill each and every month. The primary expense of setting up these alternative energy sources can be rather high and that's why more folks are not doing this today. Although it can be expensive, some individuals actually think that it costs more than it does to s...


With So Many Hybrid Vehicles On The Market Which One Do You Choose?

When people look to buy a new car today, there are many different factors which go into the decision. You have to decide the make and model along with what you are willing to pay and how much the car will cost you a month. The state of affairs within the country and within the world are much different than they were a decade ago when gas hovered below one dollar a gallon. To buy gas, it usually costs between $2.50 and $3.00 a gallon. There's also been a greater concern with the amount of carbon dioxide e...


The Actual Solar Stirling Plant Is Just What We Are Going To Be Looking At Here

Every person is already aware that we are having trouble with our standard fuels simply because we are running low on them which is why alternative energy sources are what folks are trying to find. One of these options that folks have chosen to make use of these days is solar and wind power to be able to create the electricity that they're trying to find. Something you should be aware of is that solar energy panels, while effective, aren't nearly as effective as other methods that people can use to produce ...


The Benefits of Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is derived from the conversion of sunlight through (PV) photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic systems utilize the power of sunlight to power electrical equipment, such as lights, computers, and household appliances. The photovoltaics process solar energy that is free, into solar power directly. Solar energy is the most plentiful source of energy in the world, but it should be noted that solar energy is not the same as thermal technology that powers solar electricity, which is passive. This...


Smart Grid Energy Efficiency Meters

The future of home energy efficiency involves something called the "smart meter," which will communicate the price fluctuations of energy throughout the day to the consumer, as well as consumer energy consumption habits back to the utility company. This new technology will cut out the middle man who needs to come into the home to "read the meter." The increased awareness created by a home energy saving device will hopefully encourage better conservation of energy and lead America to a more sustainable futur...


Why Choose Renewable Wind Power?

Electricity produced from wind powered turbines is one of the most prevalent varieties of electricity from sustainable sources and it is the fastest-growing variety as well. Wind turbines are turned by the natural strength of the wind, so make electricity without 'burning up' any fossil fuels in the procedure. The more (harder) the wind blows, the more electricity is produced.Therefore, wind turbines are best placed where there are prolonged periods of high wind. The coast line is often a good place to site...


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